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Philip Rosedale - Second Life: better than the real ...

vor 10 Jahren69 views



"... a lot of human activity will be replaced with an equivalent in the virtual world..." and “The question is whether you’re being challenged and learning in a way that is less than or greater than the Real World experience ... I think that virtual worlds, like Second Life, have the potential to provide a more challenging intellectual environment than, in many cases, the Real World around you. And so time spent in the Virtual World, I suspect, will come to be almost an educational requirement rather than something that is viewed as potentially a problem for you.” that are statements by Second Life's founder Philip Rosedale, who after 9 years of intensively working on Second Life decided to take a step backward and passing the position of the CEO to someone else. In this way he is now able to focus more on the strategical development of SL, which includes ideas like enabling small entrepreneurs from development countries a business opportunity through SL. Learn more about his ideas in the following interview:

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Philip Rosedale - Second Life: better than the real ...
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