Renee Williams World's Heaviest Woman

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7 comentarios

fa sognare...bellissima obesa
Por susan646 Hace 4 años
Por elisemina Hace 5 años
Did any of you even bother watching the documentary? The kids being thin is the least of there worries, there Mom died trying to get her body back to what Assholes like "fukuwhore" still wouldn't consider ok. And you know it was not even for superficial reasons like that, it was stated at the beginning that it was to take her life back and be the mom her kids deserved. It is people like you ( i read your comments ) that sit behind her daughters and say " dude, she is like so fat, " but let me tell you something that woman was so beautiful. Inspite of it being such an ugly nasty world, she put her story out there to HELP people, and died in the process. How about you guys grow up and instead of focusing on such stupid shit like " the kids are thin" and she had a beautiful face, pull your head out of your ass, leave high school behind and act like an adult. Don't you think her family see's the shit you say? Such a jaded view of such an important story.
Por mooseoffate Hace 5 años
that's so sad. the kid's are thin at least
Por truckson Hace 6 años
sh3 di3d?
Por fuckyouwhore Hace 6 años
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