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    UP 4976 East - De Kalb, IL

    Robby Gragg

    by Robby Gragg



    Robby Gragg
    Yeah, I really hate wayside horns. I say you might as well just make the area a quiet zone without any wayside horns because I just think it is pointless having a horn mounted on the crossing, it doesn't take much to realize it isn't from the train. The horns also have a bad tendacy to get stuck and blow over and over again.
    By Robby Gragg7 years ago
    Chase Millsap
    The electronic Wayside horns suck. I wish that never happened, and you guys would sometimes get horn salutes from the crews. We don't have any of those here in Portland and I hope that will never happen.
    By Chase Millsap7 years ago