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    Art Seen Stickers, Gassun Limited, Refrigerator Magnets


    by stickergiant

    Guess what the StickerGiant’s custom printing team has been up to? You guessed it, they have been busy printing stickers for some of the world’s most interesting people and companies. Like Art Seen. Art Seen’s mission is to promote local artists and art in general. Warren and his team focuses on getting art into places that are new, or where you wouldn’t expect to see local art. Warren McKinney needed stickers to promote Art Seen in Austin, Texas. We made a high quality vinyl oval for him that didn’t break the bank. If you are ever in Austin, take some time to look around and see how the local art scene has thrived. You will be surprised. [ I wonder If Katie can bring a Lab Coat for this Segment???] I did not know this but apparently a lack of “gas” is a problem for some people. If you are embarrassed that you are never flatulent, the scientists at Gassun Limited have found a solution. This unique invention is a self initiated whoopie cushion that replicates the sound of flatulence without any actual gas being passed. We printed a standard round sticker featuring Otis, the company’s cute gas mask wearing mascot. Visit for a laugh, they have a series of funny videos featuring this unique invention, be forewarned this website is powered by low brow humor of the smelliest kind. Are you hosting a party this holiday season? Does everyone like to hang-out in the Kitchen? If so, don’t be caught entertaining with a boring fridge door or last year’s magnets! StickerGiant has a huge selection of quality fridge magnets. From funny, to insulting, artistic and political, we have it all. Be sure to check tem out. If you see one that you like, buy it, and then post it to your Facebook profile using our new Facebook linking tool that you can find on every product detail page…….. cool huh?