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    Discovery Coves First Baby Anteater Thrives With Human Care


    by SeaWorld

    The first lesser anteater born at Discovery Cove in Orlando is doing well after two weeks of intensive care by the parks animal training staff. The female was born Tuesday, Sept. 16, via the first c-section the parks vets had ever done on an anteater. Staff veterinarians performed the operation as the mom was in labor for more than 24 hours and showed little progress. It was a success but the new mom showed little interest in her first baby. Animal trainers quickly stepped in and provided the tiny new baby additional supplemental bottle feedings around the clock (every four hours) while slowly introducing her to her mom. Now nursing full time, the baby is tipping the scales at less than one pound and is more than 5 inches long. She now spends her days nursing, resting and bonding with mom.