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    Dubai Arabic Version

    Patrick Treacy

    by Patrick Treacy

    ideo with an Arabic influence by world traveller Patrick Treacy about the emerging contrasts existent in the modern emirate of Dubai. The vision of the government is to turn Dubai into the trade and tourism hub of the region. Despite the many attractions in Dubai, the video hints at problems that may occur as a consequence of the fast and sometimes uncontrolled growth that could cause erosion of local identity and traditional cultures. Dubai has the largest population and is the second largest emirate by area, after Abu Dhabi. It is ruled by the Al Maktoum dynasty since 1833. The emirates' current ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is also the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE. It end with new desert projects such as "Desert Safaris" which takes tourists into the desert experience with the thrill and excitment of dune driving. Background music is Ah W Noss by Lebanese pop singer and entertainer, Nancy Ajram.