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    McCain Given A Short Life Expectancy


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    A report released by an actuarial firm, Bragg Associates, was backed by the Associated Press after a life expectancy calculator was used to estimate the number of years senator John McCain may have left to live.

    According to the report, Senator McCain, who is currently at age 72, has a one in four chance of being unable to serve two presidential terms totaling eight years.

    While it is fair to say that either candidate could be unable to serve more than one term in office for whatever reason, should McCain become elected he would be the oldest president to begin a first term in office ever. The firm estimates that McCain would have a 24.44 percent chance of dying by the end of his second term in January of 2017, compared to Senator Barak Obama’s 5.76 percent chance of death.

    The report continues by taking both candidates health into consideration and uses actuarial sciences to calculate the number of healthy years both candidates have ahead of them. The firm estimates that Obama can look forward to another 21.9 years of health, while McCains health expectancy is a mere 8.4 years.

    The firm admits that no matter how sophisticated their technology may be, no one can actually calculate the amount of time an individual has to live. These statistical calculations are traditionally made for insurance companies and are based on large numbers and figures.

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