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    vSide: Jamie Johnston and Raymond Ablack Part 2


    by Nicole

    October 28th 2008. Jamie Johnston and Raymond Ablack in vSide!

    download the chat bubble -
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    Trick or Treat Degrassi Style:
    Boo, vSiders! You're never too old to Trick-or-Treat, so get your costumes ready and join us for three days of spooky shows in The DOT Grill!

    Here's the schedule:

    *All shows in and around The DOT Grill, LGA @ 7pm ET/4pm PT*

    Tuesday, October 28th
    Raymond Ablack (Sav) & Jamie Johnston (Peter)!

    Wednesday, October 29th
    The DOT Grill's Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) & Samantha Munro (Anya)
    Submit questions here!
    *Latest additions: The N's The-Seth and The-Mary will be joining in!*

    Thursday, October 30th
    Halloween Costume Party with Mike Lobel!