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    Vintage Cancer Facts and Information Classic Old Movie

    You are the Switchman educates people on the warning signs of cancer and urges them to consult a medical professional at any sign of danger. Two parallel stories unfold, all about a man who finds a sore on his lip that won’t seem to heal. In one story, he refuses to go to the doctor until it is too late. In the other, the victim consults a physician early on, which allows him to happily smoke a pipe with his wife and son, cured of his cancer. Various treatments for cancer are discussed, including x-rays, radium, and surgery, but the film makes the point that early detection is the best way to survive cancer. The film gives the survival rates for certain types of cancer, including breast, skin, and uterine cancer. The title of the film reveals its overall message: like a railroad worker who switches train tracks, individuals must decide whether they’re going to take the track towards early prevention and health, or inaction and death. A wonderful vintage film on the powerful threat that is cancer, this video's message remains important today.