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    Fractals, The Colors Of Infinity Part 1


    par anonymthinker

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    I became fascinated with fractals 20 years ago, but did not have sufficient math background to understand much about them. This presentation makes me think that perhaps I can understand more than I previously thought. My original interpretation years ago was that fractals might be the intermediary between where we are and where we, at this point in history, are unable to be. I see infinite order on the one hand and total confusion on the other. Perhaps what we know as art is locked inside this division zone So many of the fractal elements are replicas of what is traditionally considered classically beautiful. I am stuck by the similarities of the patterns in fractals and those in nature. Many of the curves are reminiscent of the Golden Spiral; the bifurcation brings to mind the reproduction of earthly flora and fauna. Thank you for opening a new door for me. I am 66, but I love to explore new frontiers. What better frontier to explore than one which apparently has no end? Thank you!
    Par BebzyGIl y a 7 ans