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    Social Problems and Marriage Education / Counseling Movie

    Marriage is a Partnership explores the trials and tribulations of a couple’s first year of matrimony. Dottie, the wife, narrates the major occurrences, arguments, and decisions that she and husband Pete experience in their first year together. They live in a two family home with Pete’s mother and Pete works with Dottie’s dad at a factory. After Pete convinces Dottie to quit her job, she is bored at home all day with nothing to do. She admits to feeling like her new life is “unimportant and dull.” She gets increasingly annoyed with Pete’s mom, who is always around. Pete’s got troubles of his own, though, since Dottie’s dad isn’t letting him develop his own identity down at the plant. They’re about to have a real crisis when Pete gets a job offer from another plant in Central City. The couple decide that moving away from their parents will be the best thing for everyone. The movie does not discuss the fact that while this may solve Pete’s problem, it does nothing for Dottie, who is still stuck at home with nothing to do except cook and clean.