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    Crazy Jealous Wife in Vintage Movie on Marriage Love Life

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    Jealousy explores the irrational feelings of a married woman in a very dramatic, film noir style. Sally is a fifties housewife who decides that her husband Don is cheating on her when he comes home late for dinner one night. She throws his dinner in the trash, doesn’t listen to his explanations, then kicks him out of the house. After he leaves, Sally is wracked with doubts about his guilt and wonders about her own role in the whole mess. When Don’s coworker calls and corroborates Don’s story about working late on a new cosmetics line, Sally has an epiphany. She realizes that her own emotions, desires, and frustrations led her to her accusation of Don, "I know now the real trouble is me. If I believe in us, he'll believe in us." This film paints a disturbing picture of rigid 1950’s gender roles and the problems they produced.