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    Official EOO Obama Anthem - Yes We Can (Come Together) Song



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    ' ha ha .great movie loved it!
    By eaenaegeelli6 years ago
    James Peters
    I made over 10,000 phone calls nationwide in the primaries.. I doubled that in the election.. Obama is our man.. Blogs ask what was the single most determining factor in your choice.. in my choice the man was totally focused upon the facts.. not beating up McCain.. it is what it is. honor & honesty.. a thing the repubs do not know. This song rocks. plain and simple
    By James Peters7 years ago
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    By africarobinson7 years ago
    annabel greene
    just what i needed on election day :)
    By annabel greene7 years ago
    diane allen
    love this song :)
    By diane allen7 years ago
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