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    Supernatural 4x06. Dean "That was scary!"


    door Crys

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    Julie Filleul
    J'en parlais à une copine, heureusement que tu as pensé à mettre ce passage-là! Merci pour ce moment trop fun!!! Hilarious, like you say!
    Door Julie Filleul7 jaren geleden
    dean!!! xa xa xaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Door Mona_De_Lafite7 jaren geleden
    hahaha oh my gosh
    this is the best funny episode of supernatural!
    hahaha i love this part!
    please watch my new video abour supernatural :)♥
    Door Tatiana7 jaren geleden
    lmao...that was one of funniest things ever. i remember dying over it
    Door MWN227 jaren geleden
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Oh My fuckin' Holy crap gosh! XD Jared and Jensen are THE BEST! Ok, but the scene "Eye of the Tiger" is sooo much better! I've in my pc!
    Door Marys_from_the_RPG7 jaren geleden
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