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People have flocked to the melting pot we now know as America for the last 13,000 years. Since 2000, the U.S. has welcomed more than 10 million immigrants, who leave behind places like the Philippines, India, China, and Mexico. Our latest video, "Coming to America," explores the history, politics, and challenges of taking in the world's "huddled masses."

Animation & Design by Chris Weller
Directed by Max Joseph
Music by Ratatat


Red Indians?
By canadianbangladeshi 6 years ago
Awesome video! Congratuliations.

Did you heard about Americatown? This will be a TV made by HBO. Talks about a massive crises who made the american people leave America and cross the ocean and go to live as imigrants in third world countries (who will take the place of the first world), and then the americans are treat like real imigrants so they go to a gueto called Americatown, like the chinese do all around the world. Curious, hã?

... Can´t wait to see!

Again, congratulations for the video. Is very good.
By Caio Fochetto 6 years ago