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    1 415 views interviewed Rebbeca MacQuarrie, Global Marketing Manager for Myvu at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 for Myvu Glasses.

    MyVu is a personal device that allows you to connect your portable video device, like an iPod nano, connect the video signal and view it on the screen of Myvu glasses so that you can watch your video from your portable device on glasses for portable, hands free, and private viewing pleasure on the go.

    There are currently three different models of the MyVu Glasses, including Myvu Crystal which works with the iPhone, Myvu Shades for a high quality resolution and a longer battery life, and Myvu Solo Plus which is the original model and has the slimmest profile.

    MyVu personal media viewers work with a wide range of portable devices such as: iPod video models, Zune, Nokia phones with video-out, portable DVD players, other digital media players with video-out, camcoders and game systems with video-out.

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    For more information on MyVu, visit their website at: