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    I am Arcade

    by I am Arcade

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    I am Arcade
    I want to see that actually. It's also on several tapes from Cineplex Odeon that were released in the 90s. I have a good number of those tapes. The tapes I have with this logo also include: Woof!, 2103: The Deadly Wake, Pastime, Hostile Takeover (Even though that tape's from 1989, so it's a reprint), Tiger Claws II, Queens Logic, Lamerica, and Freefall.
    By I am Arcade7 years ago
    This was also taken from the ultra-bad and unfunny "comedy" film: Frozen Assets (1992) which was theatrically distributed by RKO Pictures.
    By SempiternalDamnation7 years ago
    I am Arcade
    Sorry. I took them down on purpose and I deleted them from my hard drive to make additional room on there. Once again, sorry.
    By I am Arcade7 years ago
    Jeannie Lindley
    Could you please re-up the video logos you had on your account, because one of them I had saved to my favorites, but can't remember which logo it was. Or you could just type a list of the ones you removed so I can find another posted somewhere else, please? Thanks.
    By Jeannie Lindley7 years ago