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    Ashtanga How To Video: Jump Backs

    yoga body

    by yoga body

    Bikram Yoga Hot Yoga – YOGABODY’s Lucas Rockwood gives very simple instructions for how to jump back and forward during an Ashtanga Vinyasa / Power Yoga practice.

    LEARN JUMP BACKS: Ashtanga
    The key thing when jumping forward or back is your hands. You need to get a really strong connection down into the ground and this starts with flat hands, spread fingers, evenly distributed weight throughout your hands.

    The next important factor is to bring your weight forward over your hands. You want to literally feel your chest moving out in front of your hands. It might feel like you are about to fall forward… this is OK!

    The jumping part of this is very very minimal, and eventually is not a jump at all. It becomes just a life and slide, a shift of weight.

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