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    States Hold Pfizer Accountable for “Dangerous” Marketing


    by picrossing

    62 views Washington State will score $1.2 million dollars as part of a $60 million, 33-state settlement with Pfizer over potentially dangerous marketing practices. The agreement ends a five-year investigation into allegations that the company marketed anti-inflammatory drugs Celebrex and Bextra for unapproved uses despite known health risks. "This isn't just deceptive marketing; 'off-label' marketing can create a potential health risk to patients," Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Settlement money may be used for attorneys' fees, consumer protection enforcement or education. The states alleged that although significant safety concerns led the FDA to reject a request to market high-dose Bextra for acute and surgical pain, Pfizer conducted an aggressive campaign to market the drug for unapproved purposes. The company provided prizes to encourage sales representatives to promote Bextra for off-label uses; bribed influential doctors with paid consultancies and lavish weekends at high-end resorts; and promoted Bextra for off-label uses during educational programs attended by physicians. Under the settlement, Pfizer is required to seek FDA approval for any TV ads directed toward consumers. New York’s Pfizer leads globally in sales of pharmaceutical products. For more information on jobs in your area, click here.