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    Inbound Texas Eagle at Springfield, IL

    Nick Hart

    by Nick Hart

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    Carole Delahaye- Guilbert
    Happy birthday for 2 years. Excuse me for the little delay...
    Nick Hart
    Thank you very much, Matthew! I really appreciate it! :-) I remember this day very well and it certainly was a very fun and exciting day.
    By Nick Hart8 years ago
    Matthew Betzner
    Happy Birthday to this video. Keep going Nick. (2 Years)
    By Matthew Betzner8 years ago
    Carole Delahaye- Guilbert
    Soon 2 years...
    Matthew Betzner
    I'm very sorry AMTK 161. That's tough when you can't see. I love the horns too. Some that have a good med-low pitch. Like the Amtrak Genesis. I like F40s, Santa Fe Super Fleet horns with the real Deep-Pitch. Glad you had a great time in Springfield. Take Care

    Matthew (Matt-Pro)
    By Matthew Betzner9 years ago
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