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    Hitler Devastated as Prop 8 Passes in California

    Shaun Knapp

    by Shaun Knapp



    Shaun Knapp
    Indeed, it was me that posted this video, showing people against prop 8 being the crowd that constantly moves through vandalizing property, destroying yard signs, intolerant of others free speech and property. (Just like the Nazi's in the video.) Indeed, that is what the video shows, and it's waaaay Funny, as it strikes at a truth.
    By Shaun Knapp7 years ago
    Lets not forget how that argument started. It was you who posted that video about people against prop 8 being Nazis. "Cheap pointing fingers" indeed.

    By blondmitch7 years ago
    Shaun Knapp

    "intolerance towards those with differing opinions than oneself."

    Again, those voting "Yes on 8" are not out tearing down, destroying the property of those who are "No on 8."

    But, the Bigots are out each night destroying the property of those who have "Yes on 8" signs posted. This is addressed in the above clip, which makes it to funny. The "intolerant" and manifest "bigots", are the very ones crying of being the victims of "bigotry."

    I can't believe you can try and get away with such a cheap comeback as pointing at me as a bigot. I am tolerant of others with differing viewpoints, and can and am friendly to such. But in rhetorical argument, you bet I'll slam the intellectual bankruptcy they dish out. That doesn't make me a bigot.

    If I saw a "No on 8" yard sign, I would not tear it down. And if I saw someone else attempting to do so, I'd call the police. In protecting your right of speech, I protect my own. Bigotry? NOT!
    By Shaun Knapp7 years ago
    Shaun Knapp
    When the National Socialist (Nazi) Justice Stephens in the dissenting opinion with the Boy Scouts said they have "no right under the first amendment" to deny gay scout masters into their organization, one begins to hear "the twighlight zone" music in the background. It's insane, and an absolute turning upside down of what the US was founded upon. Of course the scouts as a private organization can deny anyone they want to from their ranks. That is absolutely beautiful freedom. Gay scoutmasters can go start their own group too, and if there are parents who wish to send their boys to have mentorship by such men, then so be it. They are free to do so.

    This is an issue of freedom, and cheap pointing fingers of scorn avail little. Labeling those standing with the First Amendment and common sense as "bigots" and "homophobes" is wholly inadequate in making any headway of valid point of argument.

    "Forgo Government Tyranny upon the First Amendment. Yes on 8."
    By Shaun Knapp7 years ago
    Shaun Knapp
    Religion did not start this battle. Religion is being encroached upon by government, and must now seek to implement protections. If prop 8 fails, and the dozens of lawsuites cued up and waiting for that possibility will be filed, criminalizing me and my religion and beginning to deny us of "freedom of association" with courts ruling that gay couples have a "right" to marry inside my Church Temples---which such rulings are handed down, can I call you a bigot? Will you be rejoicing at the LDS Church being criminalized unless it admit gay couples to marry inside its temples? Will you feel proud of yourself then?

    Such couples are free to go start the "Gay LDS Church" and build their own temples to have their own rights and ceremonies performed therein. I would rejoice in their freedom to do this.

    The tyranny of the US Supreme Court, barely one vote short of ruling against the Boy Scouts denying gay scout masters would have been a laughable thing 30 years ago.
    By Shaun Knapp7 years ago
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