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    Kaynine - ARTOONIX - Invisible Friends

    Nathanael Cameron

    by Nathanael Cameron

    Kaynine said, "The idea for this quick 30 minute animation came from the same source as 'Illusions' .... the fact that one Artoonix user is creating his own 'invisible friends' on his own mock forum and then pretending to swap messages with them. I just imagined what it might be like to get the computer to create a few fake members. I also tried to make it into a true loop so that it just goes on and on and on and on. No real point to the movie (just like that ridiculous 'forum'), but it kept me amused as I drank a coffee and munched a few chocolate biscuits. It was also interesting to try to make tweening smoother in Artoonix when animating a simple little character. This time I think I found a better way to do it. The 'wobbles' are much less distracting and no tweaks were necessary to individual frames after tweening. The drawing style was also my first attempt to learn from the work of The Grickle. My version is MUCH less sophisticated than his, but it's something I want to carry on developing. Incidentally - if you want to study a really effective and deceptively simple drawing style for animated characters, check out The Grickle's work for yourself."