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    Testimony of the Bible, 2/3 Zakaria Boutros


    by Elqayam

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    Bible, Koran, Archaeology, logic all confirm the veracity and truth of the Bible.

    Muslims can ignore or lie about their own historians - we're accustomed to their
    allergy to truth - but they do so to their own destruction.

    Botros, who is a star in the Arabic TV station al-Hayat, has been called "Public
    Enemy #1", by the Arabic newspaper, al-Insan al-Jadid. Al Qaeda declares
    Coptic priest Zakaria Botros "one of the most wanted infidels in the world". The
    Radicals have even put a bounty on his head. The Christian Broadcasting Network
    reported the figure was as high as $60 million. Botros does not know for certain.

    But just to put that in context, the U.S. bounty on Osama bin Laden's head is "only" $25 million.

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