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    McCAIN vs OBAMA in "Battlemonger" by Jaded Patriots (Slim K)

    Slim K

    by Slim K

    McCAIN vs OBAMA in "Battlemonger" by Jaded Patriots (feat. Slim K as BUSH)

    On Saturday Oct. 18th, 2008, Slim Khezri worked on a very funny Political Satire Project, set to a Rap tune (reminicant of Cypress Hill) that takes Neoconservative military ambitions to an extreme.

    Produced by John Durazo and Directed by Ryan Dress.
    Shot in Redondo Beach. CA.

    Jaded Patriots "Battlemonger", a music video that spoofs conservative heavyweights such as George W. Bush/ Uncle Sam (played by Slim K), McCain, Cheney, Palin and their reckless foreign policies.

    The plot: George W. Bush and his Rap-ping minions kidnap Barack Obama and vie to conquer the world. It's up to Obama to break free from his captors and halt their plans of World Domination.