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    Hon. Ron Paul Will You Stand For The Constitution & Rights?


    by uinc2008

    Reposted from YouTube channel: American's Silence Is Betrayal! Go here immediately and follow instructions takes 20 minutes. Is a child not worth that? 404-287-0414 We ask all to flood the State Department and Washington D.C. by going to this link. Once there find the email addresses one to Washington and to Congressman Ron Paul. We must over flow them with these pre-designed emails. All you have to do is follow this link, and select first the email to Congressman Ron Paul. We have text there that you copy and paste into your email. Then press the Email Washington link. You will be taken to a pre-designed email to the State Department. If we fail here. We only fool ourselves in thinking we stand for rights, liberties, and freedom. If your organization stands for the items contained in the Constitution you will have your whole organization send these emails. Is a few moments of your time worth a small child that is missing, and an innocent man being tortured? An American man, a fellow citizen. A man who only survived holding on to the fact that he was American. Do we let him down now? Do we fail his missing child? ACT NOW DO NOT DELAY