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    National News - A Dinosaur Dance Floor Discovered in ...


    by GetTheDaily

    An 85-year-old woman got arrested for keeping a football that a neighborhood kid threw onto her property. Ohio police said that there was an ongoing feud in the area regarding children tossing sports balls into the woman’s yard. If convicted, she reportedly could face 6-months in jail and a 1-thousand-dollar fine. President Bush announced he plans to host an economic summit with the world’s top leaders. He wants to discuss the current international financial crisis and said it’s essential that the government preserves the foundations of democratic capitalism. Researchers discovered a field full of dinosaur tracks – more than 1-thousand to put it in perspective – and one scientist called the site a dinosaur dance floor. The dino footprints were found along the Arizona-Utah border. Also reportedly included in the southwest wilderness area are 2.4-inch-wide tail drag marks that are up to 24-feet long and only a dozen or so sites worldwide include tail prints. From everyone at, thanks for watching. I’m Dana Ward and we’ll see you next time for more news updates. Distributed by Tubemogul.