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L'évangile selon saint Jean chapitre 2, en arabe

il y a 9 ans923 views



الانجيل المقدس. فصلن سريف من بيشرة القديس يوحنا الحبيب.

The chanting of the bible is taken directly from TASBEHA.ORG

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John, Chapter 2. This is sung in the Egyptian Arabic dialect.

I urge all Arabic-speaking people, Christian, Muslim, and everyone else, to listen to this beautiful Bible reading either here on youtube or on Tasbeha.org

I apologize for the lack of diacritics and punctuation, and some delay of the words showing up in these videos. For the complete bible in Arabic, with diacritics and punctuation go to http://www.copticchurch.net/cgibin/bible

Merci à http://fr.youtube.com/user/AgiosGiorgios