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    Vacay Green With Less Travel


    by livinggreenchannel

    More than 38 million Americans planned to travel 50 miles or more during three day holiday weekends this this year, 84 percent of them by car. That's a lot of extra carbon emitting into the atmosphere during holiday weekends, so why not give mother nature the same break you're getting from work and stay local? Support local businesses, explore local nature sites near your home, or check out that local restaurant you've always wanted to try. Explore your own town as if you're just visiting for the first time, and your bound to discover something you never knew was there. Staying home will save you money on gas, lodging, food, and admission to all the attractions you'd visit on vacation. But more importantly, it will cut down on unnecessary carbon emissions. Enjoy your long weekend, just do it from home and you'll do a lot to help the environment. Check back here for more tips on how to be friendlier to the environment, right here on LivingGreenChannel.Com.