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    Pete Doherty: Off the Record - trailer

    greg mckinney

    by greg mckinney

    Not everything with Pete Doherty is black & white. Behind the scenes, past the headlines, "Off the Record" This is the film that reveals the other side of Pete Doherty, the side the tabloid press rarely cover. Find out more about Pete's journey, through the eyes of those that know. From Arcadia to Pentonville, 'Pete Doherty: Off the Record' is essential viewing for fans of the man and his music. In-depth analysis, comment & insight into the musical icon of this decade. Meanings uncovered Backstage revealed Motivations explored Featuring exclusive interviews, previously unseen footage, facts, photos and a whole host of dvd extras. Make sure you reserve your individually numbered, limited edition, 1 of 1,000 Pete Doherty:Off the Record, available only through Pete Doherty: Off the Record