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    Armando on the road


    by flipthishousefan

    I just found this video and had to share it, I can't believe how much passion and heart Armando Montelongo puts into the people that he helps. Armondo Montelongo Armando Montelango Armondo Montelango Armando Montolongo Armondo Montolango Armando Mantolongo Armando Mantelongo Armando Mantolango Veronica Montelongo Veronica Montelango Veronica Montolongo Veronica Montolango David Montelongo Melina Montelongo Montelongo Montelango Montolongo Montolango Mantolongo Mantelongo Mantalango Brent Holt Randy Burch Randy Birch Chris Mendoza Christopher Mendoza Heather Borowiec Flip this house san Antonio flip this house montelongo flip this house Armando Richard Davis Richard C Davis Ginger Alexander Kevin Molony Vance Sudano Dawn Nosal Lori Nolan flip this house Charleston flip this house south Carolina Sam Leccima wife Leccima Lamont Martin Angie Wilford Harris Wilford Scott Tremmel Peter Pasternack Brian Trow Danielle Anderson foundations investment group Flip this house atlanta Than Merrill Than Merill Than Merril Nathaniel Merrill Nathaniel Merril Paul Esajian Jeremy Black JD Esajian Lori Parks CT Homes flip this house new haven flip this house Connecticut flipping out jeff lewis jeffrey lewis jeffrey Louis jeff louis ryan brown chris kesslar kris kesslar chris keslar kris keslar