AOS - Episode 11 - Toby In Quarantine_ Final Production

Daniel Snell
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The engines are all very hot and bothered, they have all been put on examination duties after some diesels from the other railways are found to have infections and diseases that could cause an illness to the rest of the engines and also, the loyal citezens of Sodor.
When Toby is asked to take some fuel to the newcomers, he struggles to control his engine, which has become old and in need to attention, but, when an accident involving both he and Henry causes delay, Toby soon thinks that he shall be scrapped for being old and clapped out, but Thomas reassures him that the Fat Controller still thinks he is loyal to the railway, even when he prevents Thomas from almost being stranded in quarantine for fourty days!


great episode mate and thanks for inspiring me to join youtube in the first place well done
By christopher wilbraham last year
I wish we can see more of these episodes soon! Please, please, PLEASE make more!

I LOVE when Henry was like "Help! I'm going to explode!"

Great job of adding Diesel to this episode! I can tell that he definitely did NOT like fish as well as Thomas!

I'm sure the diesel driver had a pretty good reason for not wanting to stand all day holding a quarantine flag for 40 days. Maybe he just wanted to get this diesel to a repair yard and be useful in OTHER work. What do you think?
By DarthWill3 4 years ago
This is based on the TUGS episode "Quarantine", Great parody!
By Carsfan166 5 years ago
Isn't that the diesel from the story "Bowled Out"?
By FanToAll 5 years ago
wow, this is your longest episode, and the best one too!
By Stepney914 6 years ago