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    Businesses Ready for Automated Translation


    by purchasingcrossing

    19 views Forty percent of companies surveyed said they were more likely to utilize automated translation systems, according to a study by SDL. Berkshire, England-based SDL announced the results of the survey on trends in automated translation. Completed by over 385 individuals in global businesses -- of which over 71 percent were of managerial level and above -- the survey highlights a stark increase not just in the motivation of businesses to use automated translation compared to two years ago, but also in the actual deployment of the technology. SDL conducted the research in conjunction with the International Association for Machine Translation and the Association for Machine Translation Americas. Most respondents were familiar with the concept of automated translation, with nearly 25 percent either using it or planning to use it. Forty percent of companies said they were more likely now to utilize it. These two statistics point to a substantial industry shift in perception, SDL said, as interest and trust in this technology and its uses increase. Over 70 percent of respondents named French, Italian, German and Spanish as their main target for usage. Asian languages accounted for just over 50 percent and Eastern European languages accrued 42 percent. SDL service professionals deliver consulting, implementation and language services from more than 50 offices in 30 countries.