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    Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama on NBC's "Meet the Press”


    by employmentcrossing


    After months of hints and speculation, it has been confirmed that former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, endorses the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. With just 16 days left before the November election, this is a huge vote of confidence in the Illinois Democrat.
    Powell announced the endorsement this morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Powell said "He has both style and substance, I think he is a transformational figure."
    Powell was critical of the John McCain campaign, including its use of negative tactics, emphasis on Bill Ayers and sharp right turn. He praised Obama's "ability to inspire," pick for vice president, Joe Biden, and for running an "inclusive" campaign crossing racial, ethnic and generational lines.
    Powell has served under four presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and President Bush. This is one of Obama's most major endorsements--and his biggest Republican name. Powell's nod comes at a time where John McCain and Sarah Palin are portraying Obama as risky because of his associations, stressing his relationship with Bill Ayers, a former terrorist now a University of Illinois-Chicago education professor.
    Powell's endorsement undercuts those arguments and also shores up Obama in states with a large military population