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    par Mélissa

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    La chanson et les paroles de Right Here, Right Now de High School Musical 3.

    ( Troy )
    Yeah, yeah, can you imagine
    What would happen
    If we could have any dream
    I'd wish this moment
    Was ours to own it
    And that it would never leave
    Then I would thank that star
    That made our wish come true (come true), oh yeah
    'Cause he knows that where you are
    Is where I should be, too

    ( Troy & Gabriella )
    Right here, right now
    I'm looking at you
    And my heart loves the view
    'Cause you mean everything

    Righ Here, I promise you somehow
    That tomorrow can wait
    For some other day to be (to be)
    But right now there's you and me

    ( Gabriella )
    If this were forever
    What could be better
    We've already proved it works
    But in thousand one hundred twenty-three hours
    A bend in the universe
    Is gonna make everything (everything)
    In our whole world change
    And you know that where we are (where we are)
    Will never be the same (oh no)
    Oh no

    ( Troy & Gabriella )
    We know it's coming
    And it's coming fast
    So let's make every second last
    Make it last

    ( Troy & Gabriella )
    You and me
    You and me, but
    Right now there's you and me

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