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    Wwe no mercy 2008 chris jericho vs shawn michaels part 2


    por Xaristaker

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    Y2J is the genius when it comes to ways to using a ladder as a weapon. From his match with Chris Benoit (used the ladder as an 'Uppercut' @ Royal Rumble in 2001) to his match with Christian in 2004 (where he did a 'Ladder' press to destroy Christian's back). Not to mention that he used the Walls of Jericho on the ladder to BOTH opponents in these matches, and then, in this match, he slams a ladder against Shawn's face, and then slamming then making an human skull 'sandwich' with a ladder.

    Heel Y2J is AWESOME =)
    Like ALL matches that I've seen Y2J in, this is a 10/10!!!
    Por CJ13El abril
    Ranjith Murali
    awesome match!!
    Por Ranjith MuraliEl año pasado
    steven price
    1 of the best ever ladder matches! easily the best fnish. evil jericho rules!
    Por steven priceHace 6 años
    HBK Vs Flair at Wrestlemania XXIV ws the best matchup of 2008
    HBK Vs Jericho at No Mercy 2008 is another gr8 match up
    Por foggy91Hace 6 años
    hell of a match
    Por ibti11Hace 6 años
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