New Rules 10/17 Bill Maher


par peamak

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Bill Maher's New Rules - 10/17/08 - 17/10/08
Real Time on HBO

3 commentaires

I guess someone agreeing with him will disagree with you DudeMark ;)
Par peamak il y a 6 ans
His biased opinions really block his chance to be funny a lot. I'm not saying he's not funny, but he could be a lot more if he didn't have so many views he was trying desperately to portray through his humor.
Par Mark Pope il y a 6 ans
Merci Peamak !
Probablement le TV host le plus subversif et le plus marrant des USA.
C'est toujours un plaisir de l'écouter. Tout à fait pertinent !
Par Kadaena il y a 6 ans