If I Were A Boy - BC Jean

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Original version of, "If I Were A Boy", is written by BC Jean (Britney Carlson), 21 yo from S.Diego, singer/writer. BC Jean released the song with Toby Gad (German producer)in August, California. In meanwhile T.Gab "gave" away the song to Beyonce, who clime to be hers on the latest album.
The song is not written by Beyonce neither Toby Gad. Beyonce didn't had a BC Jean permission to released the song nor cover with the music video. However, B. got caught up into legal rights mess and had to go through all the aspects to gain these "rights", eventually buy a song from BC Jean and making a little changes.
Seems like T.Gab played them both...lol


pas les paroles mais la meme consonnance musical
By hoarau timothée 6 years ago
cette chanson tout comme la version de beyonce c une reprise du tube rock de MICHELLE BRANCH One Of These Days parut sur son album Hotel Paper! pas de quoi etre fier
By hoarau timothée 6 years ago
j'aime bcp cette version car c'est asser different de cque nous a fé beyoncé..cependant comme la chanson n'a pa ete finalisé par bc jean on a pa de clip pour lé comparé c bien dommage enfin resté peace et si vou lsentez pa aller ecouté du bob (marley) mci pour cette video blk jaguar
By paranoyaka47 6 years ago
Avec beyoncé c'est bien mieux, elle elle n'a pas assé de puissance au niveau de la voix et ne monte pas trés haut !
By bazboss 6 years ago
this girl makes beyonce and half the famous artists out there look like idiots, cuz they have to use someone else's music. can't people write their own songs??? this girl blows beyonce out of the water
By suggarbabee 6 years ago
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