TAM 6 Special + Reptile Woman Debunk

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Captain Disillusion recounts The Amazing meeting 6 and tackles a most requested video.
A special thanks to:
Penn Jillette and Rebecca Watson
for participating in the creation of this episode.
...and to the contributors of the images and videos used here.


Oops ! (sound of vinyl scratch)... Sorry, but there is something wrong on your video, deer Captain. *BEEP* "The bottle water capital of the world?" Are you kidding? This is EVIAN and PERRIER, sadly to you, there are not from America, but from France ^_^. Anyway, I like this debunking, great job Captain. I would like to say... zzhkifhz... I like your...@*-%#... Oh God damn it!... Damn Flash media codec compressor! ^_^
By Rha_lovely 5 years ago
great !
By p0lykaan 6 years ago
I forgot to say, James Randy is a respectable man (I discovered this man since 3 months only, because I'm French.) But i had see many videos of him. He is cartesian, "methodic", logical, pragmatic and realist and he have a good sens of humor. I have many respect for this man. There is so many frauds in this world (especially country's who believe in some god(s)). But James Randy is not the only one to detect cheaters, there is no doubts about it. But, this man "forgot to be stupid". And I'm agree with this : Young people need more education (especially the logic, the good sens). You can have some questions about the paranormal just like me, because I'm curious about this, but people who need attention like this charlatans ? ... Never.
By Rha_lovely 6 years ago
As always, excellent job CD. I'm a bit surprised and disappointed by the attitude of this german tv show. It's a shame, really. Now about the "reptiles" and stuff like that. Every time when I look this kind of videos, I laugh. But at the same time I'm sad. Sad because some kids or teenagers believe this videos. And when you read the comments on it, this is unbelievable just like the video: Weird and stupid. And most of them duplicate the "footage" and add some video effects on it ! Just because they need attention from viewers on the internet. Just like the author from "the reptile video" encoded in 8 bits and too much compressed, just like a old cellular phone video compression. Anyway, there is so many things to say about this... :X
(Congrats for your job, your post-production videos, your humor and all, CD)
By Rha_lovely 6 years ago