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    AOS Episode 8 - Percy and Reginald

    Daniel Snell

    by Daniel Snell

    9 207 views
    Percy is excited when a new engine, named Reginald, comes to help him and Toby with the work around the shunting yard, they soon start to have fun, and Reginald has begun to win over some of the other engines respect, but, this soon makes Percy jealous, and when they are asked to work together, things soon start to go downhill.
    When they fail to pull a train over Gordon's Hill, Reginald thinks Percy is trying to make him look silly, and so, pulls the train himself, leaving poor Percy to puff sadly back to the yard and continue with his own work. But when Percy tries to prove he is as useful as Reginald, he becomes foolish and this leads to a big accident.