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    Lord of the rings (2008 new fan made trailer)


    por Vartroy

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    vartroy, heavy metal, rock, hard rock, brazil, brasil, ribeirão preto, são paulo, sp, iron maiden, metallica, judas priest, dr. sin, ac/dc,,

    Origin: The band which follows the most traditional heavy metal line has five members, formed in the end of September of 2004, by Marcos B. Garcia, in Ribeirão Preto / SP - Brazil.

    Name Origin: Its name was inspired by the nordic mythology, vampirism and by the everyday events (barriers and obstacles that are overcome at every second by everyone). Its inspiration is mixed with war and its relation to great stories, such as The Lord of The Rings and Troy, important features in the name of the band.

    Musical Basis: The band VarTroY has as a core of its musical base the band Iron Maiden and, around this band, other ones inside traditional, melodic and progressive heavy metal, in addition to hard rock. Some of these bands are: Metal Church, Dream Theater, Savatage, Dr. Sin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, Scorpions, UFO and AC/DC. The harmony among these influences consolidates the style of VarTroY.

    Musicians: The present musicians have music experience, playing in pubs, festivals, participations, etc. All of them are influenced by Iron Maiden, which is favorable to the style defined by the band, however, each musician follows a different variation of heavy metal, what makes possible the diversity related to the band. The professional attitude, fixed by each one makes possible the progressive and well directioned growth towards the goal of the band VarTroy.

    Songs: The Band VarTroY is focused on working its own songs according to the defined style, songs which are being added slowly to the presentation´s set list.

    Marcos B. Garcia Founder / Responsible
    +55 (16) 9101 4138 / /