AOS - Episode 7 - Gordon and the Unidentified Flying Object

Daniel Snell

by Daniel Snell

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By Rarejailer75878 Last week
I'm sure Gordon wouldn't refuse the Express freight. After all, he IS an express engine, you know.

I LOVE this episode so much! It's one of your greatest works EVER!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if you gave the UFO a bit of Skywalker sound, like a TIE fighter flyby and firing. Otherwise, good job!
By DarthWill3 5 years ago
I love the idea of adding the SPV from Captain Scarlet, I once had a model of a SPV but I think I sold it at a car-boot sale, I am planing to get anouther one.
By Carsfan166 6 years ago
Poor Gordon!
By fdnyres1cue 6 years ago
at 8:54- that must be the worlds shortest siding :P

Brilliant work Dan:) Loved it
By The Railway Inspector 7 years ago