Mushu in Mickys Clubhaus/House of Mouse 4


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The animation in this part is pretty smooth, granted there is another error with his ears (additional bitemark in the right ear).
I can actually see Otto behind the mikrophone chuckling like he does, but Mushu moves too little for that one... it doesn't come over so well, but this is sweet anyway x3

Mushu is thankful
"Okay folks, listen up - it's Mushu's turn now! So pay attention! [chuckle] It's time to thank for the IMPORTANT stuff. I want to say thank you to the guardian spirits - yes guys, you're cool! And I wanna thank Mulan, because she made a movie star out of me. [chuckle] Okay, okay keep you're antennae still, I see you. [clears throat] I also thank the small folks."
- "We don't even know him!"

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