NWO Wolfpack attacks LWO

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NWO Wolfpack attacks LWO, WCW Thunder 1/7/99


I dunno, I'd say Perry and Dean did better in WCW than they did in WWF. Malenko was doing some cheap James Bond gimmick and Saturn was talking to a mop.
By Stinger1981 4 years ago
guys like eddie perry chris benoit left cause they wernt being used right in wcw and cause of the nwo
By 26wwetna 4 years ago
amazing how hogan would dress "hip" when with the wolfpac
By s.l. 6 years ago
I can safely say I've never seen Hogan dressed like that before. LOL
By wildcard88 6 years ago
Nash won the match with help from using a wrench that Bischoff left under the ring when he had to put it up earlier in the night. I uploaded the match a while back, just search for it, it should still be up.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
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