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    Trick to Make Talking to Girls Easy


    by listenactattract

    925 views Ryan Clauson teaches provides a tip on how college men can display to women that they are strong and confident without being arrogant and cocky. Ryan Clauson, a sophomore at Northeastern University, has released a two-hour long audio recording called Listen Act Attract, designed specifically for aiding college men stuck in a rut in their search for the right woman. "I want to help out guys," Clauson said. "Women don't realize that every guy is nervous when approaching a girl-any guy that says he's not nervous is lying. There are different levels of being nervous but every guy gets it. It never really goes away and you always get that feeling. But it gets much reduced with this program." Clauson's audio advice recording takes the dateless male from the moment of approaching a woman and starting up a conversation, to keeping the dialogue interesting in a way that makes her attracted to him. In this way, he believes the individual may better bridge the gap between the initial encounter to planning another time to hang out. "There are a lot of books out there about dating, marriage and sex, but before you get to any of that stuff you have to learn, what do you do in the very beginning?" he said. "I give very specific examples and specific advice goes way beyond 'Be confident and smile.'" Although the audio recording officially launched March 1 of this year, the concept has been in the making for quite some time. From early 2003 until late 2007, he researched all forms of communication, zeroing in on the attraction between men and women, consulting professors and experts and reading hundreds of books. He estimates that he has also interacted with at least 2,000 college women over the past five years in order to weed out the stereotypes associated with males and the dating scene. "I don't want it to be this thing where guys are just using this bag of tricks," he said. "It's ...