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    Dead Set


    by tvfanjoe

    E4’s first ever horror series launching October 2008

    Dead Set is a new five-part zombie horror series set in a fictional Big Brother house and is written by acclaimed writer Charlie Brooker.
    The drama is set in a Britain where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living. The people they kill get up and kill – and it’s spreading like wildfire. Curiously, there are a few people left in Britain who aren’t worried about any of this – that’s because they’re the remaining contestants in Big Brother. Cocooned in the safety of the Big Brother house, they’re blissfully unaware of the horrific events unfolding outside. Until an eviction night when all hell breaks loose...
    Dead Set stars Jaime Winstone (Donkey Punch, Goldplated) as the production runner working on a fictional series of Big Brother. Jaime’s character Kelly finds herself trying to fend off the walking dead alongside the remaining housemates, her Big Brother producer boss Patrick (Andy Nyman, Severance) and her boyfriend Riq (Riz Ahmed, Britz).
    Over the ensuing days, in a cruel reflection of the game show they thought they were entering, the contestants fall victim, one by one, to the hungry masses outside. Staying alive requires teamwork – which is tricky when you’re a group specifically selected by TV producers to wind each other up.