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    How To Bathroom Walls with a squeege - Cleaning Lady Services FL By far, the most effective way to clean bathroom walls is with a squeege. The same one used to wash and clean glass windows. Isn't that amazing? Yes, the proper method to remove mold, scums, from your tile and to first scrub as much as you can with a nice natural cleaning product, then using squeege, wipe out all the residues. Then immediately dry it off with a cloth or a dry towel. Your bathrooms will shine again. Paula Andrade -- 561-208-6045 Contact us today for a Free Estimate HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES Boca Raton FL I would like to emphasize only 5 points of the qualities of my cleaning services: Affordable prices. Expect a reasonable price for a high quality cleaning service. Cleaning is my expertise. Will clean with excellence. Will leave your place spotless. With your place always clean, it will reflect in your personality and you will become much more productive. I will always be there for you. Reliability: you can always count on me. Excellent communication skills. If you become my customer, besides communicating over the phone, we will also be able to communicate using email. Send me your special requests over the email and I will take care of it. Do you want to contact me for any reason, you will have my cell, which I carry with me all day long: 561-208-6045 (mobile, prompt answer) I will not provide you with excellent references, I will provide you with evangelists of my cleaning services. People who love my services. Please only hire my services after talking to my current clients. You name a town in Massachusetts and probably I will find client to talk to you about the quality of my cleaning services. Nowadays it's pretty hard to find a house cleaner that you can be totally satisfied. In the last few weeks I've heard of CL. Since then I've been cleaning new houses from clients I got on CL. ...