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    TubeToolBox Gathering Users And Videos Tutorial 2


    by yuwieman


    Tube Toolbox will forever change the way you using the website YouTube. It has tools to speed up and improve almost everything you do while using YouTube. TubeToolbox's "Personal Tools" will track your friends and videos making it fast and easy for you to do things such as message a friend, watch a video, or view a friend's profile. For the more advanced user, TubeToolbox's "Professional Tools" will let you do things such as download videos to your computer, change their format, and watch them on the built in video player. For the most advanced users, TubeToolbox's "Professional Tools" let you do things such as gather users and videos from any page on YouTube and auto send friend requests, messages, and comments to any user on the list. It also has tools that automatically accept your friend requests and automatically post bulletins. Furthermore Tube Toolbox completely complies with YouTube's terms of service.