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    USA180 - Protecting The Rights and Freedoms of All People


    by uinc2008

    What is USA180? _______________ Web Site: Forum: USA180 is the fastest growing political organization in the world. We stand for the rights and freedoms of all people and seek to defend them. Our approach was so successful that people in other countries approached us to start their own 180 organization based on our model and as a result, we now have an international presence and are known collectively as Global180 with UK180, USA180 and Aussi180 and other 180 organizations soon to come online. Dr. Mark Taylor, National Director of USA180, has coined a phrase which sums up what as an organization we seek to do: "Break down the walls of division and I will show you an unprecedented unstoppable power." Informing people and geting them to participate There are 4 parts of our government -Executive -Legislative -Judicial -We The People They are all broken and we need to fix them. This is where the second element of our approach comes in Few people know that the media obtained the ability in 2003 in a Florida court to LEGALLY LIE. This means as much as you think you are getting facts from them you probably are not. By the same token, politicians can only be trusted based on what they do and not what they say. It is now clear action is needed to reverse some of the trends occurring in the USA often incorrectly dismissed by the mainstream media as "conspiracy theory". How can this possibly be the case when there are physical bills in the Congress and the Senate? These bills now contribute toward the destruction of the US Constitution and our Constitutional Republic itself but how many people actually know what is going on? Our approach is therefore to inform people and then help them take action. We post videos and encourage discussion to do that primarily through the One Voice forum and our main web site. There are two key elements to our approach: 1. Providing factual and easily verifiable information ...