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    Religious People Encouraged to Support Prop 8 in California

    Shaun Knapp

    by Shaun Knapp

    Many of us know the challenges and struggles of many people, many exceptional and good people who are attracted to the same gender. Such people should understand that Propostion 8 is not an assault upon them, but it is a measure seeking to keep the tyranny of the state off of free speech and off of the way we raise our children to our set of belief systems. False and rediculous are the arguments some are framing over this issue, as the Gay LDS man saying the Utah State Constitution change in 2004 defining marriage as between a man and a woman to be a "weapon" against him. What a shameful, dishonest framing of an argument. Without this protection in law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, we shall have the state coming in with brutal force upon religion and those with religious conviciton in short order. We've seen this already in many countries, even in Canada.

    This is not "anti-gay" as some would seek to get sympathy as if victims. This is pro-family, defending the freedom of speech and religious expression.

    Scripture speaks of times when anti-Christ's came among the people and spewed their anti-Christ doctrine of "thou shalt not judge me" for "there is no sin" and "there is not God." Such persons were crying for "toleranace" but were the most intolerant of any in their society, and soon illustrated themselves as such, as they began to presecute and murder those who did not believe according to their way. One group were the "order of the Nehors" and their Leader, Nehor, slew an old man with a sword in wrath, not having tolerance for the old, God fearing man. Nehor would not tolerate that old man's freedom of speech. Hypocrisy is often rampant with this "tolerance" cult in secularized America, for they do not tolerate religion, nor the opinions of religious people.