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    Barack Obama Mocks the Holy Bible.

    Rev Donald Spitz

    by Rev Donald Spitz

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    From WorldNetDaily. TV ad features Barack Obama mocking Bible Candidate's 'Fight the Smears' site tries to bury video documentation By Drew Zahn WorldNetDaily A television commercial showing clips of Sen. Barack Obama mocking the Bible has prompted backlash from the candidate's "Fight the Smears" website, which falsely accuses the ad's creator of trying to scam Christians out of their money by promising to air a spot that will never be broadcast. Under the heading "Scamming the faithful," Obama's official website says of the man who made the commercial, "The trickster's claims about Barack's faith are every bit as false as his claims that this amateurish video is really a TV ad." WND has confirmed, however, that – true to his word – the ad's creator purchased air time for the commercial on television stations in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Sources at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh and a cable company servicing Erie told WND that the ad had been aired on several occasions. Nonetheless, in an Oct. 3 update to "Scamming the Faithful," the Obama website maintains its attack of the commercial's creator, Stephen Marks of the organization pH for America. "Nothing has changed here," reads the Oct. 3 update, "The scammer is still untrustworthy. … Making scams seem plausible is what tricksters like him are known for. In the end, he's even less credible now than he was when he first started taking people's money." "It is ironic indeed," responded Marks in a statement, "that this so-called 'Fight the Smears' website (is) not fighting smears but creating them." Marks insists that every dollar he has raised through his website and the appeal for support at the end of the ad "has gone to pay for the media buys and minimal production costs." Marks also claims that that pH for America purchased a television as a gift for the Obama campaign "so they can watch the TV and see the ads airing for themselves." Marks told WND, "If this ad is seen by all the swing voters in all the key swing ...